How To Clean a Persian Rug at Home

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Most of us have experienced unfortunate accidents where someone spills something on a rug or a carpet. Things get even worse when it is an expensive Persian rug.

Luckily, the spill doesn’t mean that the Persian rug will be “damaged for life.” There are many ways to restore it to its former glory. Furthermore, Persian rugs, same as other rugs need to be cleaned regularly so that they can look their best at all times.

Here’s everything that you need to know about cleaning a Persian rug at home.

But before we get into the fine art of cleaning a Persian rug, here is a list of things not to do when cleaning a Persian carpet. They are evenly important, perhaps even more important than the actual cleaning methods.

Here’s the “no go zone” for Persian carpets

Never Scrub a Persian Rug

Scrubbing can lead to warp lines and significantly decreases the lifespan of the rug. Instead, blot the rug with white towels. White towels are recommended because they don’t leave any marks, whereas colored ones do.

Avoid Dry Cleaning Your Persian Rug

Dry cleaning means that the rug will be exposed to harmful chemicals. That can make the rug shrink and lose much of its appeal. Instead, Persian rugs need to be hand washed.

Avoid Using Hot Water

Hot water can have a devastating effect on the rug’s fibers. Furthermore, it can even have a negative on the rug’s color. So it is a big no-go to hot water. The thing is that it affects the natural proteins found within the rug.

If you need to use water, always use warm or cold water.

Don’t Expose a Persian Rug Directly on Hot Sun

When it comes to Persian rugs, excessive exposure to the sun can lead to fading. Instead, the rug needs to be placed under a cool shade. Short exposure to the sun won’t have some significant effect, but a prolonged one will.

Deep Cleaning a Persian Rug at Home

Before you start, you can make your cleaning solution made of water and shampoo. To that end, you will need to mix a gallon of water with three tablespoons of rug shampoo.

First, vacuum both sides of the rug. Then dust off the rug outside and shake off the excess dirt. Once you are done with that, place your Persian rug in a clean area like a garage, driveway, or porch.

Next, get the rug wet with some cold water. Afterward, you can try out your cleaning solution over a small, unnoticeable area. If you see some discoloring, then stop. Find a soft brush and clean off the solution from the rug. Rinse the rug with some freshwater if needed.

If that happens, decrease the percentage of rug shampoo in your solution.

Once you are done washing the rug, let it dry on its own. You should not vacuum it in any circumstances.

Cleaning a Spot on a Persian Rug

Create one bubbly solution of fabric detergent and warm water. Then a second one from vinegar and warm water.

Then begin blotting the stain with a piece of cloth that has been previously dipped in the first solution. After that, use a fresh piece of cloth to clean the soap from the rug.

Once the soap is cleaned, grab another rag, and apply the second solution (vinegar and water). Repeat the same procedure as with the first solution.
After you clean off the vinegar, soak the rug in some cold water. Rinse the stain once or twice. Once the excess water has been removed from the rug, let it air-dry.

Just remember not to rub the stain because you will make it even worse as the stain will penetrate even deeper into the rug.

Regular Cleaning

According to experts, Persian rugs need to be vacuumed once every week. If it is silk or an antique rug, then it shouldn’t be vacuumed that frequently. The thing is silk, and antique rugs can be damaged by frequent vacuuming.

Also, make sure that the Persian rug is not directly exposed to the sun all day long. If there is no way around it, rotate the rug so that one area is not more exposed to the sun than the other.

In Conclusion

Now you know how to keep your Persian rug look at its best. If an accident occurs, it is super-important to act as quickly as possible. Other than that, stick to our recommendations and your Persian rug will be as enchanting as the day you bought it.

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