Rowenta Model IS6200: The Best Garment Steamer for Dress Shirts

best garment steamer for dress shirts

Rowenta is a good company when it comes to producing the best garment steamer for dress shirts. If you do not believe us, perhaps this review on Rowenta Compact Valet Steamer Model IS6200 can do that. This is a steamer that can do your clothes a whole lot of good, and while it is not free from a flaw, that does not mean this is a steamer that will disappoint you in the works. In fact, it might just be the opposite of disappointing, which is something that you should always want (unless you, for some reason, likes to be disappointed).

Introduction aside, let us just jump into the bulk of today’s article, yes? We are now going to talk about the pros and cons of this item and whether or not you should get this instead of the others. Without further ado, let us begin.

What makes this garment steamer good?

A lot, really. To say it all would be to spend times talking about things that can be done on better things, so we will keep it short. Many folks say that this one of the many best garment steamers out there because of how simple this thing is to use. Coming from a company that specializes in laundry care, that should not a surprise.

Not only it is simple, the thing is very mobile and very easy to bring around anywhere thanks to the presence of wheels underneath the unit. It comes with lots of holders types so you can hold many types of clothes using the holder.

But the holder is not the only good part out of this steamer. Able to hold up to 81 ounces of water, you can turn this steamer on and steam things using it for an hour, which is definitely a lot compared to other heaters out there.

If that is not enough, the thing is very attractive to look at. Ever slender and tall, you would not find it hard to store this thing and it would not stick out like a sore thumb each time this best garment steamer for dress shirts is out.

On the other hand, there are cons to think about

It is very prone to leaking, something that you do not want to have when you are steaming something. The leak itself can leave water spots on the surface of your clothes, doing something contrary to its intended purpose.

But that is just about it, we think. There are no other cons to talk about (unless you are lacking money, in which price will be the ultimate con for you). It is good for dress shirts and for other types of clothes, too, so it is not that exclusive. It can store a lot of water and it can heat things for an hour. That, for us, why it deserves the title of the best garment steamer for dress shirts.


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