5 Long Distance Touch Lamp Products in 2020: Wi-Fi Touch Lights

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Long distance touch lamp, slightly, the product may not be different from other touch lamps you have right now. However, it is not exaggerating to say that the touch has some other functions, more than just lighten up your room. Same as the name, it is able to connect you with your loved ones even if both are separated in miles. It is equipped by the latest technology just like the internet. If you touch the lamp, it produces an ambient glow in a certain color. Then, another lamp out there will be connected and produce the same glow as yours. It is so interesting, isn’t it? There are at least 5 products of touch lamp in range recommended for you. Here they are.

The Best Long Distance Touch Lamp of 2020

1. Filimin Long Distance Touch Lamp

There are some producers that produce the products of long distance touch lamp. However, it seems that the one by Filimin is still the most recommended one. The touch lamp the range is waterproof. Undeniably, many modern touch lamp products are layered by waterproof materials. It is more than just for durability but also safety. In Filimin, it is not only the main body of the lamp that is waterproof. Even the battery has the same characteristic also. Meanwhile, it is a kind of portable lamp. With the presence of the battery, you can carry it anywhere you want. However, when you are buying the product, the battery is not included in the package.


Some pros and cons are as follow. First, the lamp makes it easy to keep in touch with others. There is no problem in touching and making a glow at all. Second, there are some nice colors available; pink, green, purple, blue, and more. So, you can just choose one of them that you like the most. The colors of the glow are various as well. Third, the long distance relationship product is really energy saving.


The main problem is about the touch lamp light bulbs that are not easily available out there. So, if there is damage to this important area, you have to buy it online and even wait it for a quite long time.


Aside from being a solution for your long-distance relationship, Filimin makes sure that this long distance touch light has some other benefits. It can be used normally as a lamp to illuminate the entire room or even house, low wattage, easy to use, and some great features like waterproof and portability. There is almost no con indeed but the bulb is quite difficult to be found around.

2. YSD Long Distance Touch Lamp

What makes YSD Touch Lamp really interesting to see is not only the touching and glow matters. Even the design is really stunning and minimalist at once. The illumination is soft and harmless for the LED light panel it has. For the power, aside from being plugged in the electric socket, it has battery box for a rechargeable Lithium battery. The long distance friendship light is necessary for sleeping lighting and even decoration at noon. The USB cable makes it better for traveling.


YSD Touch Lamp has some pros that make it worth to buy. The product is beautifully designed with minimalist idea. Besides, when you turn it on, it is changeable into some different colors. More than that, the product is easy to install, use, and travel.


The touch lamp long distance uses higher voltage compared to some similar lamps on its class.


The best thing about YSD Touch Lamp is indeed the design. It can even be concluded that the design is better than the product by Filimin. Of course, it is a personal opinion anyway. For other features, they are interesting enough including the travel size, a rechargeable battery, and more. However, it takes needs a higher voltage anyway.

3. Elecstar Touch Lamp

This type of pair of touch lamps has a design that is not so much different from the product from YSD. It is all about the minimalism and elegance. Again, it gives you a feature of illumination in different colors. Interestingly, it seems that Elecstar thinks about the health of the users a lot. It is proven by the eye-friendly feature that will not damage your eyes even if you see it for a long time. There are 3 different brightness levels, high, middle, and low. So, it depends on your want whether you want the atmosphere to feel cheerful or more calming.


The main pro of the product is surely the eye-friendly feature. It doesn’t make your eyes feel tired at all even if you see it for a long time. Besides, it is adjustable based on your mood. The glow tends to be stable even if you are in the area with low signal.


Unfortunately, this touch lamp long distance doesn’t have a battery feature. Besides, a plug-in is needed to buy to make it works.


It is a great touch lamp with simple and stunning design. More importantly, it is good for your sight for the eye-friendly feature available. The brightness setup is also a good idea to follow your current mood.

4. KMASHI Touch Lamp

Talking about the cheapest long distance touch lamp, it looks like the product from kMASHI is the best answer. Interestingly, the features are complete along with good connections, WiFi Services, power from battery and electric sockets, stunning design, and more. It is necessary to be placed anywhere, inside and outside the room. It is friendly enough for kids room particularly to accompany the kids while sleeping.


The product is really affordable with good performance. It has a rechargeable battery and wire for the direct plugging in to the electric sockets. The lamp is durable, not easily damaged, and really friendly for kids. The light is warm to protect you from the sight problems.


The size is very small and it doesn’t provide enough illumination for the entire room. The best friend touch lamps are better to be placed in a small room also.


For an affordable product, this one is worth to buy. It has all that you need regarding a touch lamp. But sure, it is small enough if you want a product with extra brightness.

5. UNIFUN Touch Lamp

Another anti-glare and sight problem lamp is produced by UNIFUN. Generally, the light produced by this type of lights in the distance is quite bright. However, you can set up the brightness easily to meet your need. When it is on the higher level, it is able to illuminate a quite big room. So, the lamp is necessary for many occasions including parties, wedding centerpieces, and many more. It provides some power sources including the battery and plug-in wire.


The product is definitely easy to use although it has many features. It is also good for various occasions. More importantly, you can use it even in a big room. Multiple power sources also ease you while using it.


Although the dimension is not too big, it is not a lightweight lamp. Therefore, it is not really travel-friendly.


A recommended lamp mainly if you want many features at once, starting the design, functions, multiple power sources, and others. Of course, it is good for many occasions as well.

Buying Guide of the Long Distance Touch Lamp

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The lamps are widely available in the stores in the US and Canada. In other words, if your location is outside those countries, online purchase is the only solution. Make sure to go to trusted stores and e-commerce anyway. Well, Amazon is one of the recommendations. Be careful also since the imitation products are also around. Some stores are able to give discounts if you also buy the additional bulbs as the backup. It is double benefits for you by remembering that the bulbs are quite rare also.

The price is around $85-$125 but they can be varied in the stores. Besides, there is also the shipping cost that can make the price is more expensive than how it should be. Ideally, you must buy at least two products; one is to be given to the loved one. For buying the product in pair, there are discounts given in some stores even up to 30%.

Types of Long Distance Touch Lamp Products

The lights in the distance feature the warm white LED color with the quantity of 30. Besides, it provides a wire with a length of around 10 feet or 3 meters. It is as an option if you need to directly plug it in the socket. The battery to use is 3 AA but it is not included in the package. The main body is made from the string light. This is also a reason why the lamp is waterproof. The light itself consists of 30 individual LEDs. Therefore, you should not worry if one of them is broken since the rest still keeps working. Those individual LEDs form a big bulb anyway. For its uniqueness, the bulb of LEDs not easy to find in the market.

The viewing angle is 360 degrees or the long distance touch lamp illuminate in all the directions. It reaches more areas in the rooms and even when it is a little bit covered. Based on the experiences of some users, the lamp can even illuminate the next room in a brighter way. The product dimensions are 5x5x8 inches with the shipping weight of approximately 2 pounds.


Long-distance relationship and friendship can be saddening. But it should not be a big problem anymore for so many solutions around. Despite contacting your BF or GF using the Smartphone along with its social media, there is another way that is more romantic. It is by owning the long distance touch lamp products. You can just touch the lamp to contact the BF, GF, friend, or family. This method is unique since the lamp is able to produce a really magnificent glow.

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