Long Distance Lamp Touch, How does it work?

long distance lamp touch

Long distance lamp touch, how can it work? For the technology that is developed very rapidly nowadays, there are many stunning innovations to our life. One of them is the long distance touch lamp. It is a kind of lamps that must be owned in pairs. Then, when you touch the body, another person who has it will see the glow. It is a solution if you want to have a unique communication with your loved ones. There is no more sound or text, it is only the glow. For couples, it is really romantic for sure. Maybe, the next question comes to your mind after hearing about the lamp is; how it works. Well, here is the explanation.

Wi-Fi Technology

The lamp basically works just like your Smartphone. There is a feature of internet connection to keep the lamps connecting each other. There is a Wi-Fi signal but it only connects two or three items, it depends on the type of the lamp. Even the body of the lamp is also functioned just like the Smartphone’s screen. That’s why; it is really sensitive when you touch it. But it also means that you must be careful when around the lamp. Place it on the safe area so that it cannot be easily hit or blown. When the long distance lamp touch is cracked, it may not be used anymore in the future.

LED Bulbs in a Set

When the outer lamp is made from glass or other materials like acrylic, inside, there are some LED bulbs in a set. They are basically the main lighting in it. Of course, the bulbs are produced in a certain way so that it can release lights in different colors. Aside from the main lights that are turned on steadily, there are also glows produced when you touch it on particular parts. The glow also comes from the LED lighting. With the high sensitivity from the material outside, your touch can absorb inside and turn on the glow.

Other Features

Although producing the light and glow is the main function of the lamp, some producers try to attract customers by adding some features. Those features are even outside the lamp things but for other necessities. The most popular features are music players and speakers. Some additional connectivity is given like Bluetooth and USB ports. Therefore, you can simply connect the long distance lamp touch with other devices.


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