Copper Chef Square Pan – A Buyer’s Guide

copper chef square pan

Professional chefs know that the secret to creating delicious meals is maximum preparation by using cooking utensils with the best performance. One of the most popular cookware sets in the market now is Copper Chef Pan. With various products offered, there will be plenty of choices available for you such as Copper Chef Square Pan. Get to know more about the product in this following article.

What You Can Get

As the name suggests, the Copper Chef Square Pan comes with a square shape. The large size of the product will make it possible for you to enjoy a larger space while cooking. Though most square pans found in the market right now are specially designed for frying, you can use this cookware set for other cooking processes too. What makes this product different from its competitors? Well, there are many things that you can get from the square pan set.

It uses a combination that consists of 5 different layers, they are induction base that becomes the outermost layer. It functions to cover the bottom surface of the product by up to 80%. The second layer is the outside layer that comes with a high-temperature layer for the exterior. The next layer is an aluminum core which functions to make sure that all the heat will be trapped inside the pan. The base layer comes next. It is designed to ensure the durability of the product. Meanwhile, the double top layer used in the square pan will help you to protect the non-stick coating from dents and scratches.

Pros and Cons

Not only for frying, but you can also use the Copper Chef Square Pan to make a variety of meals such as roasted chicken, pasta, and even fried rice. With 9.5 inches of diameter, it can provide you with 4 liters of capacity. The handles attached to the pan will make it possible for you to move the pan in much safer and easier ways. In addition, the square shape of the pan will enable you to cook more foods at once while the 5 layer constructions ensure durability and optimal outcomes.

However, there are some cons that also come with this square pan set. The tempered glass lid of the pan can easily steam up. This causes to lose sight easily while cooking. In addition, cleaning the product can be very tricky sometimes. You need to make sure that you clean the pan thoroughly to avoid residue on its surface.


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