Copper Chef Pot Set – 6 Ways to Cook in Just 1 Pan!

copper chef pot set

If you adore the simplicity in every way in your life, having a single pot that can be used for various cooking processes is really tempting. The Copper Chef Pot Set from Copper Chef Pan might become one of the best options to take. Well, what does the cookware set offer for you? Is it a really great tool for cooking? Just read the following article to find the answer.

What Does the Pot Set Offer?

The Copper Chef Pot Set is a multifunctional cookware set. The product will make it possible for you to try 6 different ways of cooking simply by using a single pot. The cookware set will allow you to bake, broil, braise, fry, saute, and steam all at once. The pot set consists of several items include 9.5-inch square pan, a glass lid, fray basket, handles, and steamer tray with legs. In addition, the product can also work both on the all stovetops and oven include induction, ceramic, gas, and electric. The cookware set is also easy to assemble and you can complete it just within minutes. The pot set is also easy to maintain and clean. It is also possible for you to clean the pot set by using a washing machine since the product is dishwasher safe.

Important Tips to Know

If you have already had a Copper Chef Pot Set in your kitchen, you might pay attention to the following tips.

1. Removing Stubborn Residue

There is always a situation when the foods you cook get burnt and leave stubborn residue on the pan’s surfaces. To remove it, you can use a mixture of water and a tablespoon of non-lemon detergent to the stubborn residue. Bring to boil and let it for about 15 minutes.

2. Remove Burner Stains

If you find any stains in your pan, you can brush or spray the cleaner on the outside part of the pan’s bottom. You can also clean the pot set by using a warm oven. All you need to do is just heat the pan before start cleaning and then rinse it thoroughly.

3. Cooking with Gas

You need to make sure that the flame touches the bottom part of the pan when you cook by using a gas burner. This is because the pan can easily turn discolored when the flames reach the pan’s sides. It also leads you to waste energy. So, just be careful when you make a certain flame while cooking.


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