A Simple Way to Keep in Touch with a Long Distance Relationship Lamp

a simple way to keep in touch with a long distance relationship lamp

Do you ever know or use a long distance relationship lamp? Well, when you have a long distance relationship, you may feel difficult or tough. They may be the other urgent people, your child who is in a college, your family or best friend who is in abroad. You are still able to keep in touch with the utilizing technology that you have right now. That is a good challenge for you.

The unique way to keep in touch with a lamp

There are many ways to keep in touch. But, you can use one of the simple and unique ways to keep communicating with your lovely one. What is it exactly? Yeah, you can use a long distance relationship lamp. Is it real? That is right. This lamp is created with an aim to help everyone keep in touch with their relation. This kind of lamp was created by a married couple, they are Vanessa Whalen and John Harrison. This idea to create this long distance touch lamp came when they thought how to communicate and connect with distant members of their family with a simple and unique way.

How to set up and operate the long distance relationship lamp?

Then, how to set up or operate the lamp? It is perfectly easy and simple. You only need to make an online account. After that, you can connect your lamp and your lovely one’s lamp by using the serial number of theirs. If it has been done, you then need to connect it to a network of Wi-Fi and it is ready to use and go. One thing that you should do next is tapping your lamp’s top. Then, instantly, the other lamps will light up. It is not a big problem wherever the place is. The point is that it is connected to Wi-Fi.

How if you intend to pair together with the two lamps? It can be done. Through the colors of a rainbow, the lights will cycle. Automatically, the glow is set in which one hour and a half later, it will fade. However, you can operate the setting as you want when the glow will fade. You can set it after two hours, ten hours, or even 24 hours. It is an incredible option, isn’t it?

Next, there is the option for you to connect together the number of lamps as you want. The good point is that you may assign any different colors you like for your lovely one, family, friend, or the other important people. It can ease you to know and understand the person who is tapping the light of long distance relationship lamp.


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