3 Primary Functions of the Copper Chef Round Pan

copper chef round pan

Copper chef round pan is a general term for the kitchenware produced in a round shape made from copper. Slightly, with a copper material in it, the product tends to feel traditional and even antique. However, many kitchenware producers seem to love producing this type of pans nowadays. There is no other reason unless high demands in the market. So, what are actually the functions of the chef round pan in copper? Check them out.

To Fry Small or Flat Food Ingredients

In general, the round copper chef pan is not too deep. Therefore, it is not really recommended to boil and completely no for steaming. But for frying, the result can be very good as long as the object to fry is small or flat. For examples, you can fry fillet meats, omelet, or chopped onion here. While frying using this type of pan, the oil used should not be too much. This way, the foods can just be fried faster. Interestingly, the pan is available in various sizes. Sure, if you want to fry many foods at once, you need to buy the big one.

To Sauté Spices and Slices Ingredients

Some dishes need to be sautéed to make it delicious. Besides, the spices also need to be cooked first to improve the taste. Well, it is the next function of the copper chef round pan. Compared to other types of the pan, the round one is indeed more suggested for the convenience. Since the copper pan tends to deliver the heat faster, you must monitor the process well by not leaving if even for seconds. Sure, it is to avoid the ingredients will be overcooked. Meanwhile, it is better to use the small fire as well as the oil poured is also not too much.

To Grill Meat and Other Ingredients

A round pan made from copper is also suitable for grilling. The result is also considered very good since the copper plate is highly thermal. For this need, make sure to choose a kind of pans that is non-sticky. As you know, grilling process often remains problems including the ingredients are stuck on the pan’s surface and it cannot be easily washed or cleaned. Similar to sauté cooking, it is better to stay near the pan during the process. Besides, the small fire is also suggested to apply. This way, the grilled meat and ingredients tend to be tasty with the copper chef round pan.


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