3 Important Things to Know about Touch Lamps the Range

3 important things to know about touch lamps the range

Touch lamps the range, or known also as the long distance touch lamp, are types of lamp that apply Wi-Fi technology. It is functioned like social media to connect people in distance. So, one you are touching the lamp of your own, a person with the same lamp in distance can see the glow at the same time. Slightly, it is not different from the conventional lamp you may already have at home. But sure, with the technology applied, it just connects you with the loved one.

Common Specifications of the Touch Lamp

There are many companies that work in the area of the touch lamp. Sure, it makes the competition be tighter and tighter from day to day. Those companies then try to make innovations to the products more by adding some stunning features. However, some basic specifications are still maintained for sure. There are just upgrades here and there to satisfy the customers more. With the small and medium sizes even less than 30 cm, the lamp tends to be more portable and easy to carry anywhere. The acrylic materials make it waterproof, more durable, and not easily damaged. You can use the product for various events and occasions. The touch lamps the range is good for lighting at night and also decorations like the party, Halloween, Christmas, wedding, and more.

Benefits and Lacks

What are the benefits and lacks of the touch lamp products? In a product, there are commonly 2 items to have. Therefore, the price tends to be cheaper also compared by if you buy them separately. Meanwhile, the products are commonly designed beautifully to make the atmosphere feel more romantic. Some products also give features like waterproof layer, rechargeable battery, and more to enable them to carry anywhere.

Talking about the lack, the product is highly depending on the Wi-Fi connection. Sure, you also cannot use it if there is no other person who has the same lamp also.

Additional Features

Some producers also give additional features for the touch lamp products. For examples, the lamp can also be functioned as a loudspeaker and music player. Even there is also a product that includes a slot for a home fragrance in it. The more additional features given, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, if you want to buy it, you should consider the main purpose of having the lamp. Do you only need it for lighting or the touch lamps the range is expected to have some other functions?


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